5 Reasons Why Agile Methodology is Suited for Mobile App Development


Agile methodology is a software development technique where in the developer, clients and the team involved collaborates , communicates and delivers the software. Agile methodology is incremental where changes and developments are updated at every stage. This makes the product upto date keeping in mind the customer's requirements. 

Agile Methodology is the thing of the new. When compared to the traditional way of developing softwares where in there is a lot of documentation and then development, agile provides a much better solution when it comes to developing mobile applications. All Mobile Application development companies in the market prefer agile methodology due to the following reasons: 

  • Transparency:

Agile provides multiple opportunities where the developers, the stakeholders , the clients collaborate and communicate the application/product. This helps in understanding the client's requirements and fulfilling goals. Agile is transparent where the client is involved at a higher degree in each every phase such as prioritizing product features, software deliveries, reviews etc., Therefore the client, at every stage can review the progress and also provide necessary feedbacks which makes agile methodology a transparent one. 

  • Early Delivery: 

Since the client's features are prioritized , it becomes easier to deliver each priority one by one and accordingly perform tests. If the client wishes to makes changes or provides feedback, it can be changed right away. In such a way, all the features of the product can be completed with the client's consent and delivered ensuring client satisfaction. 

  • Speed to Market: 

After the team prioritizes features , each feature is delivered in a time-boxed iteration called as Sprints whose duration lasts from 1-4 weeks.Each Sprint is timely delivered to the client keeping in mind the client's vision. Therefore in such a way, all the Sprints are timely delivered which in turn also ensures that the entire product is timely launched into the market. Products which are perfectly developed and meets the client's requirements last longer in the market than non-agile developed products.

  • Quality Improvement: 

As mentioned earlier, the client is involved in every iteration review where the clients changes and feedbacks are taken into consideration. Every change made by the client are incorporated right away which makes it easy for developers to deliver a high quality product with no discrepancies. A high quality product always finds it way faster in the market than any other product. Therefore by breaking down the product's features into separate units, the team is able to focus on delivering high quality products. Every mobile application development company that has adopted agile methodology can see how well their products have performed when compared to the rest. 

  • User Satisfaction: 

Every mobile app builder ensures that the product delivered guarantees user satisfaction. Sometimes, the developing team delivers a 'beta version' of the product so that the users can use the product and provide necessary feedback. This feedback is taken into account and acted upon delivering a product which is in line with the user. Agile method ensures user, client, customer. Stakeholder and its own team's satisfaction. 

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