Top 3 Healthcare App Development Trends to Follow


Telehealthcare and mHealth may not have taken off the moment they were launched, but the world has been gradual to adopt them. Healthcare, especially, fitness apps, have not only gained traction but also become part and parcel on the industry as well as the users. Hiring a mobile app development company is no longer looked upon as a superfluous expense.

And, the trends in the development space are changing with the change in the need of the hour and the innovation in technology. In this post, I will talk about 3 top healthcare app development trend to follow.

Taking mHealth to a Popular Level:

It's not just eCommerce that has the edge of catering to its clients while they could be at their home, work, or even in the subway changing trains. mHealth has become a trend that is here to stay in the busy world that we live in. Consulting a licensed doctor anytime of the day (or night) without appointment, getting a doctor on demand, keeping your glucose in check, and much more can be done just through mhealth apps. And the best of mobile app companies have become a pro at these now.

The industry is now interested, pretty keenly interested in providing mobile healthcare services on clients' smartphones. Apps like the very famous First Aid are not alone. So many mHealth apps are on the market now that, at times choosing the best can be a difficult call.

Managing Patient Data:

Data is sacred, implies GDPR. With the biggest names in IT getting muddied with the crime of data breach, data is what must be kept safe and used well. This is why this trend.

While keeping medical records is nothing new, making them accessible at the tap on a finger and keeping them safe is. What is even newer is that apart from keeping records, doctors can also record diagnosis and prognosis notes.

Test reports can also be made available to the patients on apps and follow ups be made from both ends. Taking it to another level, you can never misplace a prescription and even have documents/medical notes to produce as proof at work or school. You can even access reports that were done in different departments but are associated as parts of the same diagnosis.

The Digital Payment Experience:

With the advancement of and the preference for digital payments, mobile app development services now enable healthcare apps with the most popular payment gateways.

With digital payments, it is so much easier to handle all the payments in one place and thus even easier to claim medical insurance reimbursement. While it is easy for the patient to file claims, it is also very convenient for the healthcare provider as well as the insurer to process claims.

These trends seem to be the most dominant is the mobile healthcare space right now. With the emergence of the Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc., mobile app makers are now making mHealth evolve into a highly intelligent and eclectic organism.