Magneto - A Robust and Reliable platform for your E-commerce success


Magento Development:

Magento is an open source E-Commerce development system which offers complete flexibility and control over the sales. We at SynLogics can assist you in achieving your online business goals by providing you the power of customized web solutions as explicitly depending on your business requirements. Our magento expert team will help you to get the benefits of fully-integrated features of Magento development.

SynLogics provides all the Magento development services using a combination of creativity, practical expertise, and online marketing skills to deliver real and measurable results. Our technical expertise, support us in providing a cutting edge and the most profitable Magento based web store to our clients.

What do we offer?

The growth of technologies and innovations in IT industry has managed to bring the complete shopping complexes on a laptop screen or even a small display of mobile devices. This essential requirement of today's world is known as E-commerce.

Nowadays, Magento has become the foremost name in E-commerce website design and development. Corporate knowledge and comprehensive technical skills of our web designers and developers make us one of the most updated and advancing magneto development company.

Responsive Magento Website: 

Our Magento powered websites are precisely optimized for all types of screen resolutions and layouts.

It will provide your customers the ease to access the E-commerce portal anywhere and anytime.

Magento Theme Enhancements:

Boost your e-commerce website by utilizing an array of custom Magento themes.

Our developers will build the themes to enhance the visual aesthetics of your site.

Website Optimization And Analytics:

Stay ahead of your competitors with efficiency by using our built-in analytics report feature.

It will help you in gaining insights about your business and will optimize the whole process.

Custom Extensions:

We also add extra elements to your e-commerce website which will turn it into a feature-packed portal.

Explore our custom Magento extension development and get ready for advancing your business.

Custom E-Commerce Solutions:

We will create and design customized e-commerce websites and services for your business by accurately integrating all your requirements.

Features of our Magneto Web Design Services

SEO Friendly:

We help your business progress the online marketing plans and goals that you require for your online business success. We create Search Engine responsive URL's, categories and content pages. This will help your web portal to rank better in the search engines. We assist in increasing your ranking above your competitors by adding specific descriptions, quality reviews for the products of your E-commerce website


Security is one of the essential features of any E-commerce portal. More secure the site, more it will keep fraudsters away and fear fraudulent payments will vanish. Magento and our developers, both consider security as a high priority. We will make sure that online customers have their payment details sufficiently safe and secure.

Enhanced customer engagement:

For every business it is vital to respond to customers' needs or else they will not return to your website. It is critical to stay connected always. We at SynLogics, with the help of magneto extensions, will help you stay connected to customers all the time.

Multi-store setup:

Our Magneto developers and experts will help you demonstrate multi stores with distinct features, languages or designs and will support you in managing various stores from one website. With the help of Magento's multi-domain system, we will design entirely different sites which do not share a cart, any shipping methods, etc. by building distinct websites altogether.

Hassle-free Payment Options:

The swift payment gateways will safeguard and guarantee that your customers relish the ease of the comfortable and hassle-free payment procedure. We also enable simple and easy integration of further payment portal if needed. Our Magento development solutions allow our clients to experience secure payment options.