Is WordPress really safe for E-commerce?


The straightforward answer to the question is- completely!

Yes, WordPress is completely safe for e-commerce websites with the support of the right WordPress development company. However, the concerns about the safety of the WordPress aren't invalid either and needs to be explored thoroughly. Here, we are going to discuss various aspects regarding safety of the WordPress and the process of WordPress web development for e-commerce websites.

There is no denying of the fact that internet is a massive medium for fast & effective online marketing. However, one of the major concerns of digital marketing for the businesses remains the safety & security. With over 50 million WordPress websites being available on the web, there is an ongoing debate about the safety of using WordPress for e-commerce websites.

So what makes WordPress vulnerable?

The primary reason is the fact that WordPress is easily susceptible to security attacks. WordPress is an open source content management system that is widely used to design the websites for hosting it on the internet. The purpose of this is to ensure that the websites work efficiently and the ecommerce business runs in a hassle free manner.

Although the WordPress is extremely popular, the fact remains that it is free of cost and open-sources making it highly vulnerable. Being open-sourced also means that all the codes are easily accessible and customizable by anyone and everyone. Since a lot of websites run WordPress on their website, there is a significant risk that the hackers can launch an attack against WordPress.

Is WordPress safe for e-commerce websites then?

Speaking purely from the security perspective, WordPress is completely secure and is validated by the fact that there is millions of e-commerce websites running successfully on WordPress. However, owing to the fact that no e-Commerce platform can be 100% safe, the need is to keep the WordPress updated, optimized and well maintained since it is not inherently built for e-Commerce.

It is crucial to bring in the expertise of e-commerce website Development Company and woocommerce experts here to take the necessary precautions in order to secure it and remain in compliance with PCI data security regulations

How to make WordPress secure?

One of the effective ways that the e-commerce website development experts use to make WordPress safe is by using free plugins like woo commerce services to get almost everything they need. WooCommerce Services always make a smart choice from WordPress safety perspective as it's made by Automattic. Woocommerce experts use this free open source plugin to help the e-commerce websites customize their application interface. It is a flexible e-commerce platform that powers almost 35 percent of all online stores.

When selecting WooCommerce extensions and WordPress Development Company, it is essential to pick the ones offered on the WooCommerce websites. The reason for this is the fact that they form a trusted source and is coded using the best possible WordPress and WooCommerce coding and security standards. Among the Woo Commerce's direct competitors, WordPress tops the list with an extensive range of features. Using WordPress for e-commerce websites is one of the best options as it allows the website owner to have a full control over the site.

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