iOS Application Development Company India


Accomplished in the field of iPhone Application Development Services , SynLogics is just not any App Maker company, is 'The' App Making Company you are looking for your requirements. We create and deliver enhancive, responsive and extremely efficient iOS Apps. Our team of skilled craftsmen promise to deliver timely project successfully, a quality which makes us praiseworthy.

Our Achievements

SynLogics has catered a wide range of iPhone App Development Services to its clients and ever since made a mark in the field of App Development. We work hard to become the primary choice for our clients in delivering high quality apps that run successfully. We focus on timely delivery, the major reason that keeps our clients coming back to us. We endeavor to become one of the top app making companies by fulfilling your expectations and living upto the mark by meeting our client's requirements.

Our offerings

App Design : We help you in designing your application by giving it the UI/UX that you desire. We shall assist you with everything that gives your app a great touch and feel.

App Development : We just don't stop with designing, we help you build your app in such a way that meets your demands. We develop customized mobile apps which runs on the latest features of your smartphone.

App Enhancement : We help you stay updated by constantly helping you in upgrading your iOS apps to the newer version so that you are never left out of the race.

App Monetization : Because an app created without the purpose of minting in terms of monetary is a futile app. If you wish to create an app that helps you monetize we assist you with various monetization options such in app purchases, subscriptions, ads, data monetization and a lot more.

                              The Various Features We Provide

Any feature that is available on iOS platform from the user or developer point of view can be included while developing the application based on client's requirements.

Touch ID : For security reasons, Apple provides a Touch ID feature where in a person a log in using fingerprint. We help you in maintaining security of your app information and various data by using Touch ID.

Drag and Drop : Drag and Drop one of the longtime MAC OS feature has made way into iOS wherein a user can drag date from one app and drop it into the other and also maintain security at the same time. We assist in providing features where in a user can drag and drop any kind of data which is the need of the hour. Gone are the days where copy and paste made a huge difference.

Apple Pay : Apple has this feature where a user need not carry cash or card but can instead pay with the help of Apple Pay. We provide this feature for your application for users who would like to go cashless and find an easy payment mode.

iMessage Apps : iMessage apps can be taken advantage as app extensions where a user can have a conversation or collaborate with others. We provide this feature as a part of your app to make your app experience an even better one.

Apple Watch Apps : We ensure that your app is also designed in such a way that it can be used on the go, on an Apple Watch. Now you can use it on the go and never run out of time.

Apple TV Apps : We develop apps for Apple TV to make your app experience a better and an interactive one.

AR Kit : Augmented Reality is the talk of the town today and Apple has imbibed this new feature into its devices to give the user a real time experience. We develop application with the AR Kit to provide a real time experience.

File Management : This is the latest feature of iOS where it allows cloud document management apps and also helps user to display their cloud based content inside your app. This feature will also make file management and access even better for apps that requires access to files. We develop apps with such file management system making it a wholesome user experience.