How to Develop Web Applications Using Microservices


The ever evolving industry of web application development is abuzz with the boom of micro services architecture, since the last couple of years. The term 'microservices' stands for the disintegration of larger software projects into independently deployable, loosely held modular services which are responsible for explicably designated tasks, thereby efficiently communicate with other modules through the means of universally accessible APIs. Micro service architecture, in brief, is the web architectural application designed for creating easy power-packed web based applications.

The boom of microservices architecture is not simply trend based, but in fact, microservices advantages are substantial and bear far fetching results. Ranging from the explicit freedom of development and deployment of services to developers, to writing codes for different services in different languages, the advantages of microservicing are numerous. While it is extremely feasible for a small team to get their hands on microservicing with much efficiency, thereby ensuring unchallenging tasks for new developers who are working on that particular microservicing architecture.

The scalability of microservices for software application development is such that huge brand enterprises like Amazon, Netflix and eBay have employed this application development architecture for boosting their brand performance. While on one hand microservicing architecture safeguards and protects larger applications when a single module collapses, on the other hand it also eliminates the dependency concerns which are associated with monolithic designs. It's not just the functionality and the advantages of micro services that are impressive, but the process of developing microservices is also undemanding and simple.

Microservices based applications are deployed in containers and do not require integrated WAR-like packages. Therefore, owing to the immense growth of web applications, the benefits of micro servicing architecture are recognized widely and are being implemented by leading enterprises. The deployment of micro servicing architecture as compared to monolithic architecture is much more cost efficient and less time taking than the former.

How do you cope with the ever-changing shifts in web application development? 

Are you aware of the servers that will make your apps perform faster and more effective? What are the best way of embracing software-centric failures (if they so happen) and moving ahead? These and many such queries would obviously pop up if you are in the process of building high quality apps for your business or other clients. Along with the answers that you find along the way, you require the right technology-backed motivation, experiences, excitement to move ahead. Believe us, microservices architecture will certainly help you develop a better software application.

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