How RPA can be a valuable force in Digital Transformation?


Digital Transformation services are fast becoming imperative for all kinds and sizes of businesses. It is a foundational change in how an organization integrates Digital Technology into its different business areas thereby transforming the way enterprises operate and deliver value to its customers. This also needs a paradigm shift in the way people, processes and culture contribute to the overall business success.

The core part driving the Digital Transformation (DT or DX) strategy is the Technology itself. This calls for shedding away obsolete and inefficient old technology systems and embrace new disruptive, highly efficient alternatives. Business Process Automations are definitely one of the foremost drivers to the overall success of the Digital Transformation objectives.

Robotic Process Automation has established itself as a successful enabler of business process automation across different industries. RPA companies in India help enterprises to automate repetitive, large volume, time-consuming, rule-based activities which otherwise bogs down the valuable time of human resources. With the advent of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, RPA is now much more capable of automating abstract tasks which otherwise need human judgement to accomplish process objectives.

Let's take a look at some key deliverables of RPA in empowering Digital Transformation initiatives.

1. Faster Implementation - RPA technology is non-invasive and thus doesn't need to disturb existing systems and infrastructure. This cuts down the dependency on changing other Information Systems and processes making the RPA implementations faster.

2. Cost Reduction - Quicker implementation cycles of RPA solutions in India contribute to overall cost reduction in enterprise-wide Digital Transformation activities. RPA also gives the benefit of reaping FTE (Full Time Employee) savings as the cost of a software robot can be cheaper to the resource costs.

3. Quicker ROI - FTE savings by RPA boosts quicker Return on Investments (ROI) and often helps in DIgital Transformation stakeholders to measure the efficiency and set the direction ahead.

4. Back Office Automation - Since most of the time consuming processes happens in the Back Office systems, RPA solutions can bring in the power of being available 24/7 to process and report the various aspects of operations.

5. Empower Human Resources - As most of the burdensome and time-consuming activities are taken care by RPA, human resources can be focused in handling skill-based, cognitive tasks adding value to customer-centric activities.

RPA is a powerful tool for Digital Transformation provided business processes are refined first to segregate cognitive tasks from rule-based tasks. This calls for an enterprise-wide workshops to identify the right processes which can benefit from Robotic Process Automation. Also the Digital Transformation team should not be driven by 'Automate Everything' principle. As much as there are a lot of process automation opportunities, care should be taken not to break the intricate link between the tasks and the human resource's valuable insights on the tasks that are needed in making successful business transformations.

Bring in the best RPA Vendors in India who can partner in the Digital Transformation efforts by leveraging their RPA expertise to the process automation opportunities spread in the enterprise. The collaboration between management and leadership team, as well as employees involved,  becomes a key driver for the overall success of Digital Transformation initiatives.