Essentials for making High Converting Landing Page


Before you try to implement all the below important pointers for making high converting landing pages, note that there are no hard and fast rules or step-by-step guides on achieving the same. Each website has a different conversion goal. While some want to gather e-mail addresses, other simply want to sell their products or services. Therefore, there is no one size that fits all. That's when digital marketing services work their magic. Nevertheless, with the below basic and essential tips, you will certainly set the boat sailing to your desired direction.

1. Engaging Headline:

When a visitor lands on your website, the first thing that he will notice is the headline. If you fail to make the impact with the headline then certainly, the visitor will not want to spend another moment on your website. Therefore, make sure to captivate and engage your visitors with attractive and precise headlines.

2. An Explanatory Subheading

Don't forget to support the headline with a persuasive subheading. Subheading should explain the purpose of the service and website. It perfectly helps in making the readers understand the purpose of the headline better. Where the headline grabs attention and directs the visitors towards a certain path, subheading on the other hand helps in making them stay glued to the body copy.

3. Emotional Triggers

Including elements of the webpage which trigger the emotion of pleasure and joy through interesting content and graphics is a definite win-win. Are you wondering how to go about it? Consider using words that assure the readers how pleasure and joy are a by-product of using your services and products. The choice of words and text can be a little tricky but if you opt for accomplished SEO services, then the task can be simplified to a great extent.

4. Precise Lead Capture Forms

Understand that people are busy and if your lead capture form is too lengthy, then they will surely give it a miss. Asking a lot of information in the form will make the visitors wonder if their data will be secure or not. Therefore, the amount of information being asked is directly proportional to the conversion rate of the website. Even if a person starts filling up a form, if he starts feeling the information being asked is too much, chances are that he will abandon the procedure right away.

5. Include Live Chat Option

Most visitors hesitate to fill up the forms just because they aren't sure if the details will be put to proper use or misused. While they also have an option to call up the company representative for the required service information, the fear of being asked to pay commissions make them drop the idea of calls. This is when the live chat option comes to the rescue.

6. Be succinct

Don't try to cramp in every single detail into the landing page. Leave the task of explaining about your products and services to the remaining pages of your website. The ultimate purpose of the landing page is simply one, i.e., to generate conversions. If you add on complex content into the landing page, the response for it will not be as expected. Therefore, try to have simple and minimal text on the landing page.

7.Include Testimonials to Build Credibility:

By incorporating testimonials, security certification and press mentions you are conveying to your visitors that you are credible and trustworthy. But do not forge content just to look authentic. Better be aware that false certifications are easy to spot. Taking the help of a reputed digital marketing company will certainly help you to deal with this smartly and proficiently.

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