Email Automation - The New Way for Professionals and Businesses


Automation is the buzzword of the century. From manufacturing to warehousing, from businesses to marketing - automation is just the new normal that is saving time, resources, and efforts for businesses and professionals. Email automation is one such important aspect that is changing the scenario of how business processes and communication are managed.

What is Email Automation?

Just as processes like CRM can be automated through business process automation, the actions on your inbox and outbox can be automated too. It enables you to spend time and/or action-triggered emails to recipients without having a dedicated resources waste hours on reading, sorting, and replying manually, to these emails, besides bearing the risk of committing human mistakes.

It is, in fact, proving to the be one of the best ways to manage email marketing. It enables you to sort emails by categories - subscribers, queries, orders, feedback, and the like; and trigger responses by deciding which ones need to be responded to and which ones need to be forwarded to another department.

What Sort of Email Processes can You Automate?

Robotic process automation has been able to solve many a problem for businesses - managing data, transactions, communication with digital systems, etc. Emails too, being one of the most popular ways of communication, and repetitive tasks can very well be automated.

Here are some of the email processes that you can automate:

  • Customer Relationship Management

Query and feedback emails coming in through your CRM form an integral part of businesses today. And not just that, they actually present you with a great opportunity to acquire and retain customers.

Managing these emails, however, can be a gargantuan task if the size of your business is medium to large. Instead of shelling money on a number of dedicated resources to answer to these emails, email automation can send automated responses according to the nature of the email till these can be

  • Orders

When it comes managing orders that come in via emails, it can be more of a headache than businesses may realize initially. The formats of these order receipts can vary more often than not - Excel, Google Sheets, CSV, etc.

Instead of retrieving all this data manually and then keying it into your order accounts, you could simply automate your email and get these orders added automatically to your order database or even to your accounts.

  • Invoices

Managing invoices with the help of efficient RPA solutions is not very different from managing orders through automation. It is rather handy to receive invoices on email and have these emails integrated with your account management system to sort the invoices automatically and have them sent directly for account clearance. Thus, you will also have your payments process automated and streamlined.

  • Report Generation and Distribution

When coupled with business process automation, email automation can do so much more than just sort, forward, collate or reply to emails. It can even generate and distribute reports to the interested parties, including stakeholders and representatives.

So, not only can it manage to retrieve the data about customers, orders, sales, expenses and more, but also collate it, generate a report, and even schedule outbound emails to interested parties.

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