Artificial Intelligence - A Disruptive Force in RPA Solutions


The present industrial landscape has a dire need for RPA solutions, especially those offered by Artificial Intelligence. These are becoming increasingly necessary to cope up with a fast-paced economy and ever-increasing challenges of the modern business. According to Forrester's 2019 predictions, RPA and AI are emerging as the strategic combination in the corporate world.

This blog does the very job of making industries and businesses understand the practical application of artificial intelligence in RPA Solutions, that helps them get ahead of the curve.

RPA Solutions by Artificial Intelligence

Manufacturing Industry:

RPA Solutions backed by artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry have minimized the human effort as well as improved efficiency of the manufacturing system. It has made production decisions smarter and quicker. AI-based robots are configured to detect anomalies and are fed with appropriate solutions to resolve issues.

Robots monitor each stage in the process. These robots provide data to the AI-based software, which helps in keeping a check on the count of inventory. This helps in managing the supply for the product. Apart from this, robots fasten the process in the production, packaging, and shipping of goods with minimal human intervention.


The healthcare sector has witnessed inefficient processes and ascending medical costs. Artificial intelligence service providers are helping the healthcare sector with a much-needed modification. AI-powered RPA Solutions are bringing down the unnecessary hospital visits of the patients, thereby saving up to 20 percent time of the nurses.

As per a survey by Accenture, workflow assistants have helped doctors free up as much as 17% time in their tight schedules. The top three applications of AI-enabled robots are robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, and administrative workflow assistance.

As time progresses, these applications will gain more experience, thereby enhancing their abilities and use cases. This will lead to an appreciation in efficiency, output, and precision.


The prime factors that are essential in the working of the finance industry are accuracy, real-time reporting, and churning of massive amounts of data to make decisions. Fortunately, artificial intelligence excels in all these virtues. Fintech firms are leveraging RPA solutions via robo-advisors. Robo advisors gain a significant advantage as compared to traditional wealth managers.

For starters, they are available irrespective of time and location. Hybrid robo advisors can be used for complex investment decisions. Apart from the perspective of clients, full-service advisors, and discount brokerage houses can use robo-suggestions to increase their product portfolio. Robots with human hand holding can boost trust among clients.

Travel and Transportation:

RPA consulting companies in India have helped the travel and transportation sector by gifting them, virtual travel assistants. As per a survey by TrekkSoft, one out of three persons uses virtual travel assistant to plan their trips. Apart from this, AI-enabled chatbots help customers with faster replies, reasonable booking prices, and travel recommendations. Personalized and human-like interactions enhance customer experience and feel.

RPA solutions by artificial intelligence are gaining traction. It has the potential to replace human efforts and take up more jobs. But the bright side is that it will make the world, efficient and safer.

If you are looking for exponential growth in your business via RPA solutions, we can help you sketch a path.