AI Integration And Ecommerce - Find Out The User Benefits


The rise in the revenue of artificial intelligence services provider is proof the world has become completely digital now. As a user, you can find it in every aspect of your daily life; how technology has overrode the tiniest of things. A huge contribution to this has been from the online shopping offered by ecommerce websites.

The time where we search for a general ecommerce website design company is gone now. A direct search for AI website designer takes place. However, we do search for affordable web design services anyway. We all know its role so how did AI appeal to this bunch? Efficiency, is it? That's exactly where the artificial intelligence plays its role, giving every ecommerce development company with a set of experienced professionals a chance to showcase their talent.

Some Details To Know

The primary way AI made us all drop our jaws is its amazing personalization ability, making our shopping super easier. This turned out as a huge value-add to both the ends, yielding around 6-10% increase in the total revenue in the initial state, according to the report by the Boston Consulting Group. All the giants in the industry were the first to invest in AI. Ocado planned to spend $232 million for its automation system while Amazon committed a $5 billion investment on the tech end in India. On the other hand, Alibaba gave in a whopping $15 billion for the research and development over the following three years. In addition, the research suggests that such investment might grow up to 300% in the coming years and close to 2020, a gain of $1.2 trillion per year is expected.

Various Aspects Of AI In Ecommerce

Any updated ecommerce development company would know that there are so many ways the integration of AI into ecommerce would boost the business.

Customer service chatbots

Doubts! The users need clarity on anything and everything they see. The chatbots improve the shopping experience of the user by improving customer interactions. In addition, the website derives the customer data pretty easily with the use of chatbots.

Voice and image recognition based search results

Moving a step ahead in making shopping easier, voice-based shopping was introduced. This is where you just say a word and the results appear in alignment to your previous search and the ones you marked as favorites.

Style and fashion recommendations

In the era of AI, you don't have to find a professional to make you a fashionista. Any magento development company who worked on the ecommerce site must be able to setup the feature. Consider Amazon's Echo Look. Here, the users are suggested to take a picture of their fashion-filled outfit and upload it. The site uses this data to get suggestions from the professionals, thereby drawing some amazing recommendations.

Final Words

From customer engagement to inventory management, the implementation of the AI in ecommerce sites have increased the conversion rates, thereby, forming a set of dedicated customers pretty easily.